28 December 2017

Okkulta - :deepspacetrip:

Record: 2016-2017 • Edition: 2017 • USC-WR-1712.0394
Industrial, Aggrotech, Dark Electro

Cleared for takeoff. The countdown timer is ticking, and I am glad to great you, dear friends, aboard our spaceship. Our voyage is about to begin and it will be breathtaking and dangerous. We will visit the most exotic corners of our Universe and encounter something you cannot even imagine, revealing mysteries of the Deep Space — so luring and scary at the same time. And with luck we will come back alive. Mission ":deepspacetrip:", year 2017 according to the Earth calendar. Ignition! Move on!

01.Launching (3:02) 02.Singularity-B (4:03) 03.Black Hole Noise (3:43) 04.Through the Wormhole (3:53) 05.G-Waves (4:02) 06.Anxious Dream in Hibernation (6:05) 07.Virulentzone (Gelid Cover) (3:15) 08.Alarm (3:05) 09.Thermal Death (3:43) 10.Печальный Сонет (Mournful Sonnet) (Animo Stare Cover) (3:35)

Composition, musical concept – Okkulta Synthesizers, programming, effects, arrangement, mixing, mastering – Nxiss Writing – Nxiss (tracks 1-6, 8, 9), Spiil Hellig (track 7), Nox (track 10) CGI – courtesy of European Southern Observatory (ESO) presented by Martin Kornmesser Artwork – Nxiss, Anna Riet

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