5 May 2020

Astrovia - Spectrum and Luminosity

Record 2018-2020 • Public 2020 • Release 2020 • Edition 2020 USC-WR-2005.0446 • Space Ambient

We have an enchanting and grandiose star parade! All significant stellar magnitudes and stages of thermonuclear life are presented here. Some participants are very small in size and temperament – brown dwarfs. And here are the hot supergiants – move away slightly, only a dozen of astronomical units, to see them in their entirety. Here we have a group of compact stars, among which are cute little white dwarfs and their opposites – dark and treacherous neutron stars. Unfortunately, we did not wait for an answer from the black hole, it seems that the information could not go beyond its event horizon... But these beauties – Wolf-Rayet stars – can be recognized from thousands by their emission lines. Just look how the bright candle of the accretion disk has flashed aside – nova began pulling the substance from its large red companion. And our defile completes with the procession of one million of universal space laborers – the stars of the main sequence... The nature of the universe is inventive and resourceful, and so far the tasks of all this amazing variety of star forms are unknown.

1 • 06:13 • Brown Dwarf 2 • 06:26 • Neutron Star 3 • 06:00 • Supergiants 4 • 08:27 • Nova 5 • 06:35 • Wolf-Rayet: The Greatest 6 • 04:57 • White Dwarf: Fading Candle 7 • 13:45 • Main Sequence

Composition, musical and visual conception – Astrovia Keyboards, synthesizers, programming, effects, writing, arrangement, recording, mixing, mastering, artwork – Alexander Girin

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