9 February 2012

Secret Keys - In the City of Clouds

Record: 2009 • Edition: 2012 • USC-WR-1202.0016
Modern Classical, Ambient

Sparkling minimalism of keys tells for itself and paints amusing pictures. They are made in two moods: light as an airy marshmallow or chilly wind and gloomy as evil thoughts or sudden storm clouds. The light part flashes in positive cheer and sustains the calm and monotonous atmosphere. When the darker side bursts the change in a perception is evident. The music can sound loud and solemn in an empty room, as an enigmatic ritual, dismal in times it forces you glance around for a moment. It is great soundtrack for a day with pressure drops, unsettled weather and mood swings. But this fragile obsession may over if you just pull the plug falling out into the reality

Tracklist: 01.Miss You (4:52) 02.Feel the World Around You (5:01) 03.Nothing (3:33) 04.Time (Part 1) (3:34) 05.Time (Part 2) (1:50) 06.In the City of Clouds (3:40) 07.Rain of Leaves (2:25) 08.One Story (3:06) 09.Why (4:54) 10.My Little World (3:35) 11.Mirror (Prelude) (1:26) 12.Mirror (3:16) 13.Dying Dreams (4:25) 14.Walking Home (1:55) 15.In a Fog (3:28) 16.Dead Jazzman (2:56) 17.A Smoky Room, a Small Cafe (2:52) 18.So Sad... (2:43) 19.Wind from the Past (2:24) 20.Emptiness (3:21)

Composed by Secret Keys. All instruments programmed, music written, arranged, produced by Yan Zmievskiy. Artwork by Yan Zmievskiy.

License note: This is official release made by USC. Our works are created mostly for noncommercial purposes licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike.

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  1. Величественно и великолепно, безвозвратно уносит в невесомые миры, воздушные и отрешенные, где мизантропия и сталкерство чудесно сочетается с томными безбрежными абстракциями Сальвадора Дали..