19 February 2012

Saty - Simulacra

Record: 2010 • Edition: 2012 • USC-WR-1202.0020
Ambient, World

Music of this Saty's work transmits a little piece of Eastern wisdom. Skillful and sophisticated use of traditional Eastern instruments combines with ethereal electronic pads - it is a real mastery, worthy the most careful attention. The composer has made a great musical exploration and found those important particles which are completely able to transmit spirit and beauty of Eastern traditions. The album is divided on two logical parts. The first is more common and represents traditional ambient with slow sound evolution. The second part paints visions of the city Mumbai in India and is more instrumental, sometimes adjoining with traditional ragas.

Tracklist: CD 1: 01.Persistence of Time (6:04) 02.Devasthanam (7:28) 03.Memory in Balance (2:45) 04.Once There Were Sands Part I (2:24) 05.The Chamber of Light (19:37) 06.Space Guardian (5:13) 07.Once There Were Sands Part II (1:54) 08.The Magnificent Dome (10:26) 09.Persistence of Time (Reprise) (2:24) 10.Pleasure in Suspension (7:00) CD 2: 01.Docking at Mumbai Harbour (8:26) 02.At the Gateway of India (1:44) 03.Elephanta Sculptures (5:27) 04.Snake's Dance (3:35) 05.Chor Bazaar Antiques (7:02) 06.Kanheri Messages (3:05) 07.The White Arcades (7:30) 08.Magical Pottery (3:01) 09.Wild Birds of Rani Bagh (3:44) 10.Visions of Taj Mahal (8:45)

Composed by Saty. All instruments programmed, music written and arranged by Sergey Saty. Cover photo by Koshyk Koshy. Artwork by Anna Riet.

License note: This is official release made by USC. Our works are created mostly for noncommercial purposes licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike.

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