18 January 2012

WMRI - Dark Passage

Record: 2009 • Edition: 2012 • USC-WR-1201.0006
Dark Ambient, Experimental

Imagine a dark corridor. Have you? It could have lamps of course, but the light doesn't even reach the floor, it's covered with darkness. Do you fear this situation? And if does the exit disappear at once, like it never existed? Corridor is prolonging both sides, its length - infinity. The darkness gorges the remainder of dimmed light until only the dark corridor is left. And hey, what's the rustling up there?

Tracklist: 01.Passage I (9:03) 02.Passage II (10:39) 03.Passage III (7:00) 04.Passage IV (23:47) 05.Passage V (12:29) 06.Passage VI (17:02)

Composed by WMRI. All instruments programmed, keyboards played, music written and arranged, produced and artwork by Mike Winchester.

License note: This is official release made by USC. Our works are created mostly for noncommercial purposes licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike.

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  1. Moskiewskie WMRI już kiedyś wgniotło mnie w glebę albumem Shelter (2009), gdy słuchając go, nie wiedziałem gdzie się schować – znaczy, że projekt jak najbardziej godny polecenia!

    Nic dodać, nic ująć. Taki jest właśnie ten album. Potwornie gęste dźwięki pełne powtarzalnego echa, które nie jest jednak nachalnym napierdalaniem naszych uszu i lęków. To subtelne falowanie, tworzące niepowtarzalną atmosferę wraz z tajemniczymi, czasem ledwie zauważalnymi szmerami, głosami ludzkimi, których nie sposób wydobyć jako coś konkretnego, czy odgłosami płynącej wody. Jest w tym i surrealizm i doskonała pożywka dla klaustrofobii; niepewność, nieumiejętność poruszenia się czasem. Album ten przytłacza sinusoidalnie – w pewnym momencie chcesz uciec z miejsca, które poprzez dźwięki powstało w twojej głowie, ale właśnie wtedy dostajesz kolejnego kopa w postaci nieustępliwej bezkierunkowości. paradoks tych dźwięków polaga na tym, że tworzą one linearną atmosferę w bardzo wąskiej przestrzeni (korytarz jest dobrą metaforą) – przed sobą i za plecami masz jakieś “wyjście”, ale wybranie drogi jest równie przerażające, co beznadziejne, bo po bokach napierają na ciebie ściany dźwięków, których nie sposób nazwać.

    Jak dla mnie – perfekcyjny album-nowela. Uwielbiam koncepcyjny dark ambient, gdzie płyta jest jak książka, a ucho “czyta” to, czego boi się głowa. Polecam!!! [23.04.2012 02:57]

  2. WMRI’s Dark Passage, released by Jamendo in 2009 is a well structured album that does not always rely on the ‘perception’ of sounds to build an atmosphere but creates an electronic backdrop against which dark ambient elements are overlaid. Anyone familiar with WMRI will know they have released a lot of music that comprises classic ‘electronic’ sounds: instrumental electronic ambient melodies. Dark Passage certainly represents a diversion from that trend.

    Each track is well crafted. Overall, an authentic dark ambient environment is created. I’m not talking about an atmosphere with a ‘dark’ feeling but a tangible menacing environment. What really helps this stand out is that there is often a rhythm in the background that enhances that feeling of menace. The tracks are heavy and deep with supporting bass sounds that build the soundscape into something nightmarish.

    The album begins with Dark Passage I: a series of vocal exhalations that originate from some dark abysmal depth. A pulsing bass synth adds tension as the vocals become extended and tormented. A sound like cracking/falling rocks and alien tech dominate about half way through and then the tormented voices are back. Serious stuff…

    Dark Passage II places the listener in the center of a wet, dank enclosed space. Strange things are flitting around the space, flickering into view for a few moments before disappearing. As it ends there is the distant sound of industrial factories which fade to a low thumping flat bass which introduces the third track. This brings to mind a massive gothic cathedral. Imposing, daunting huge spaces where you fear to think the slightest deviant thought. Almost orchestral, Dark Passage III still retains the menace that has been carried along in its various forms by the previous tracks and crafts another space through which you have to pass.

    Dark Passage IV tips the listener off the edge into something nasty… This is the longest piece at nearly 24 minutes. 24 minutes of echoing sounds with an edgy background buzz that keeps you alert. Two more tracks await your pleasure, but as ever you should discover these for yourselves.

    You have to listen to this album with the volume turned UP! One hour and twenty minutes of excellent atmospheric music. A massive surprise from WMRI. Perhaps the reason it is so good is that they deviate from the traditional dark ambient formula that is so prevalent at the moment. They use their experience with ‘traditional’ electronic instruments to create something that, while conforming generally to the dark ambient genre, is different enough to stand out. Also, like Rituelle, you feel as though you have actually passed through these places, there is a sense of journeying. I’ve listened to this several times now and have enjoyed it each time. I hope you do too. [30.11.2011]