10 March 2013

Antalio - LaSerpentina

Record: 2012-2013 • Edition: 2013 • USC-WR-1303.0152
Instrumental Synthpop, Darkwave

Dedication to the symbol of the year - a serpent.

Tracklist: 01.Intro (2:50) 02.Electric Town (6:22) 03.Die Partisanen (4:53) 04.Technocracy (4:02) 05.Stratoplane (6:42) 06.Laser Snakes (3:47) 07.First Blood (5:00) 08.It is Raining (7:17)

Composed by Antalio. All instruments programmed, keyboards and synthesizers played, music written and arranged, artwork by Anton Talnov.

License note: This is official release made by USC. Our works are created mostly for noncommercial purposes licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike.

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