31 October 2012

Dmitriy Samoylenko - Apple Juice in My Mixer

Record: 2010 • Edition: 2012 • USC-WR-1210.0117
New Age, Smooth Jazz

A special mix of various author ideas, concentrated around the simplicity of sound and light perception. A collage of bright images amuses you and opens the most wonderful places.

Tracklist: 01.Good Morning! (5:02) 02.Autumn as a Trigger for the New (4:58) 03.Night Dreaming (7:24) 04.Let's Go Traveling! (4:41) 05.Desert Son (7:12) 06.Robo Boy (4:41) 07.The Power (3:30) 08.View from My Space Boat (4:40) 09.Sunny Side of Life (Sax Version) (4:48)

All instruments played and programmed, music written and arranged by Dmitriy Samoylenko. Artwork by Mike Winchester.

License note: This is the official release made by USC label. This work is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. You have right to playback, copy, distribute, transmit, adapt, remix or otherwise use this work as long as you mention the authors and provide the source of material textually. Any alterations and works built upon this work should be published under same or compatible license. For any reuse you should make clear the license terms of this work to everybody. Some rights reserved.

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