20 September 2012

Ptarkh - Dust

Record: 2012 • Edition: 2012 • USC-WR-1209.0089
Industrial, Dark Ambient

Time has no meaning for the ones who are not of flesh and blood. Only the mortals build their citadels to hide away from danger, but still the darkness creeps relentless beneath their walls. The spirits of dusk dash into the strongholds, pass through the reinforced gates, fly over the deep ditches and raised bridges getting through the walls right into the private room to devour your soul. Those who try to trust the stone and carve their memories in solid rock are pathetic... For every monument someday will turn to dust.

Tracklist: 01.Dust I (7:21) 02.Dust II (12:04) 03.Dust III (6:09) 04.Dust IIII (10:23) 05.Dust IIIII (9:14) 06.Farabula (12:00) 07.Skrozivert (21:36)

Tracks 1-5 composed by Ptarkh, 6-7 composed by Ptarkh & SiJ. All instruments programmed and music written by Valentin Ozerov, except tracks 6-7 by Valentin Ozerov and Vlad Sikach. Sampling on tracks 6-7 by Vladislav Sikach. Mixed and mastered by Valentin Ozerov. Artwork by Alexander Prokophiev. Design by Paint It Black Design.

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MP3 320 CBR

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