29 April 2012

Redgloam - Aliens and Entheogens

Record: 2011-2012 • Edition: 2012 • USC-WR-1204.0050
Psy-Trance, Psy-Ambient

An attempt to create a sonic journey into a wonderland of psychedelic trance sounds that strive to take you to extrasensory dimensions. A mental trip by the light strings that opens a distant view on the unknown. It helps to achieve the clearness in mind, to see the things unseen, to feel the things that are not accessible for common senses. Understand the presence of hidden entities in surrounding space or even inside us.

01.Inter-Dimensional (6:37)
02.Neuro Trance (5:45)
03.Aliens and Entheogens (6:04)
04.Floating in the Ether (4:19)
05.Solar Dust (5:52)
06.Sphere (4:32)
07.Soul Splicing (5:21)
08.Illumination (5:40)
09.Dark Gliding Shapes (5:27)
10.Sign of the Sun (6:27)

Composed by Redgloam. All instruments programmed, music written and arranged, artwork by Kidron Cool.

License note: This is official release made by USC. By downloading our files from links below you directly support artists and label. Our works are created mostly for noncommercial purposes licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike.

MP3 320 CBR

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