11 April 2012

Common Ratio - No

Record: 2012 • Edition: 2012 • USC-WR-1204.0039
No Wave, Noise Rock, Indie Rock, IDM

In the 70s in New York an avant-garde and independent cultural trend of No Wave appeared. It was some kind of a response to New Wave that was popular in that time. Inspired by those guys with their radical views on art, the author attempts to create a local reincarnation of No Wave in contemporary electronic music. This is primarily a revolt, not a familiar pure art aimed at the creation of beauty. It is pretty loud and aggressive music, impregnated with the spirit of freedom.

Tracklist: 01.Broken Radio From 00 (5:22) 02.No Punk (5:29) 03.Now is Just Right Now (4:24) 04.Sun in the White Box (3:57) 05.No Words, No Smoke (4:00) 06.No Reasons (4:11) 07.TNT (5:08) 08.No Home (9:47)

Composed by Common Ratio. All instruments played and programmed, music written and arranged by Sergey Aleynikov. Cover photo by Guian Bolisay. Artwork by Anna Riet.

License note: This is the official release made by USC label. This work is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. You have right to playback, copy, distribute, transmit, adapt, remix or otherwise use this work as long as you mention the authors and provide the source of material textually. Any alterations and works built upon this work should be published under same or compatible license. For any reuse you should make clear the license terms of this work to everybody. Some rights reserved.

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