30 October 2017

Derek Nigell & Randolf Scand - Up There Into the Shining Mountscapes

Record: 2017 • Edition: 2017 • USC-WR-1710.0385
Space Ambient, Electro, Chillout

Mountain hiking... This allegorically affects all our achievements. We dream of new peaks, and we wish for them. We feel the wind in our wings and, collecting our strength, carry the mountain slopes by assault. And there, soaring above the mortal world, we behold majestic snowy peaks, towering the crystal heights and glittering only for us. Higher, where new opportunities arise, filling our souls with thrill, where discoveries await us, calling to new victories. What for would you go through the cold fibers of fog there, into the unknown? Mountains and achievements are the reasons worth to give our best!

01.Dreaming and Approaching (Up There Part I) (6:15) 02.Can You Hear the Whispering of the Wind Behind? (9:34) 03.Climbing and Observing (Up There Part II) (6:11) 04.3000 Meters Above the Bustle (12:48) 05.The Shining Mountscapes (11:51) 06.Through the Land of Misty Strands (4:09)

Composition – Derek Nigell, Randolf Scand Keyboards, synthesizers, programming, effects, writing, arrangement, recording, mixing – Derek Nigell, Alexander Girin Mastering – Alexander Girin Photography – Gael Varoquaux Visual concept, design, artwork – Alexander Girin, Mike Winchester, Anna Riet

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