1 September 2016

Vortex Mechanic - After Us

Record: 2016 • Edition: 2016 • USC-WR-1609.0330
Traditional Electronic, Berlin School, Ambient

«Everything has its limit, including sorrow.» - Joseph Brodsky Getting to know ourselves and our world, we have came to conclusion that our lifetime is calculable: in moments. Contrary to common sense we fell into euphoria of eternal existence. Are we trying to understand it in front of the silent eternity - nothing? Our being is reduced to a bestial way of life, and even the undeniable advantage in us has lost its value and paled in satiated ecstasy, which has become the meaning of our existence. It's time to think about what will stay after us. Is all that we can - is to leave waste products, however confirming with confidence that we once were? Could we make a better world? Were we able to move even one iota in our development in comparison to the moment of our arrival to the Universe? However, we succeeded in the projections and fantasies about what will be the finale of mankind on our tiny planet. With great relish we mentally destroy our race, and those destructive feelings that we experience at the same time are comparable in strength to the emotional pleasure of creation. And the worst thing about it is that our imaginations have become feasible with the advent of technology. That which elevates us before nature and God is able to destroy us in an instant, and we won't even have time to realize that this is the end... Each generation of people looks with a hope to the heirs, who must justify the investment in their efforts to become better and surpass their ancestors. However, mankind is not getting better - knowledge and progress doesn't contribute to this. To have at least a drop of hope that we are able to pass the descendants anything except ruins. Just a hope... Eventually, without it nothing at all remains...

Tracklist: 01.Prologue: Overture for the World (2:00) 02.Past the Ages (4:25) 03.Youth in Solitude (2:33) 04.Dawn Above the Ark (After Us, Only Deluge) (7:28) 05.Traces of Yore (After Us, Only Cues) (3:55) 06.Blemish Dancers (6:30) 07.Happy in Hype (After Us, Only Lies) (3:58) 08.Too Late to Know Part I (7:15) 09.Too Late to Know Part II (6:55) 10.Ask Anything? (After Us, Only Questions) (6:50) 11.Temporal Bomber (After Us, Only Barrens) (4:54) 12.A Look from the Stranger Side (5:00) 13.All This... (After Us, Only Reveries) (4:00) 14.Land Full of Hopes and Glory (8:15) 15.Epilogue: Elegy for the Broken (After Us, Only You) (3:20)

Composition, musical concept - Vortex Mechanic Keyboards, synthesizers, programming, effects, writing, arrangement, recording, mixing - Alexey Markov Executive producer, mixing, mastering, additional effects - Mike Winchester Painting - Anatoliy Zhdanov courtesy of Artwork @ Mile Visual concept, design, artwork - Alexey Markov, Mike Winchester

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